Remember When

1876 145 Years ago

A heavy stricken man surely is Mr. Herman Witthaus, residing in Berger Bottom. Last Monday his eldest daughter died from the effects of pneumonia and the next day his adopted son, John Noltensmeyer succumb to the same disease. Two children of Mr. Witthaus are suffering with this dangerous sickness, but there is hope for their recovery. Mr. Witthaus has the heartfelt sympathy of the whole community.

At the last meeting of the Hermann Literary Society the question: shall education be made compulsory? Was after a very lively debate, decided unanimously in favor of compulsory education. We notice a great improvement in the style of delivery of several members and in the logic of the arguments brought forth.

Mr. WJ Zorn and family last Monday left for Potosi, the county seat of Washington County where Mr. Zorn intends to set up business for himself. We wish him success, may he prosper and gather the filthy lucre in large quantities.

Children's masquerade at the St. Charles Hall tomorrow evening. We are sure the young folks will enjoy themselves to the best of their knowledge on this occasion and at the same time furnish fun en masse for their seniors. Mr. F Schmidky he friendly host has made all necessary preparations to make this ball a success.

From Bay:

as we hear from so many societies and take a deep interest in such an being inconvenient to either Mutual, Rising Sun, or Drake Lyceum, we feel it our duty to organize one more which shall be known as the Second Creek Debating Society.

Mr. CH Riepe has discovered an excellent patent, in order to fasten a lid on a box, without nailing it. This will no doubt be of a great benefit to the merchants; it will save a great deal of trouble and labor in order to fasten the lid on the box. He has sent it to the patent office, and applied for the patent. He has also bought a large stock of goods for cash, and will sell them at the reduced price for cash.

Died last Friday morning, after a short illness, Willie Tainter aged five months.

A list of counterfeit banknotes now in circulation in the United States has been published by FW Helmick, number 278 W. 6th St., Cincinnati Ohio. This book shall lay on the desk of every businessman in the country, as it will enable him to detect a counterfeit at once and thus save him many times its cost which is only $.25. Send for it.

All parties who take any interest in establishing a public library at this place are invited to be present at the schoolhouse this evening at 7:30 o'clock, where the subject will be taken into consideration, and we hope some feasible plan to be adopted. Every citizen should be present for this question is one of vital importance to our community. Come one, come all!

Look out for rogues! Was written by nature so plainly in the faces of two unwashed individuals whom we met on the street the other day that we think it do to our citizens to warn them to be on the lookout for visitors at an unseasonable hour – forewarned is forarmed.

  Mr. CP Strehley, who for a number years had resided in our town, but about two years ago emigrated to Washington, in our neighboring County, to better his fortunes has again returned to Hermann and will be glad to greet his old-time acquaintances in the

Wine Bar.

1896 125 Years ago

Dr. Ferdinand Gertner is at present traveling all over the world, and has mailed us a postcard from Cairo, Egypt.

The executors of the estates of Chas.D. Eitzen, sense there are no debts in the estate, have obtained an order from the probate court to pay and transfer were to the legatee’s  all specific articles and securities bequeathed in his will. The County Court will meet Monday to take proper action for the early transfer of the securities to the county to build a new courthouse. In view of the miserable conditions of our jail and the lack of vaults  for safely storing the county records, prompt action is not only desirable but in every way necessary for the public good.

1921 100 Years ago

The local shoe factory, which for many months was able to withstand the trend of the times and kept all its force employed, is curtailing this week to two thirds working strength who will work only four days per week. The factory has been turning out 2400 pairs of shoes daily, now, because of the smaller demand, has been reduced to 1500.

Advocates of a movie censorship are advancing as arguments the fact that young schoolchildren who recognize Doug and Mary on the screen can't identify pictures of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

1971 50 Years ago

Robert Grannemann and was elected president of the St. Paul United Church of Christ Council at an organizational meeting held Thursday night.

The St. George Dragon's were winners in the second place at the recent annual St. George elementary school basketball tournament.

1961 60 years ago

Mrs. Randolph Puchta is the winner of the Hermann Jaycee-ette's first outstanding young woman award.