1877 142 years ago

Girls can study at Harvard next year.

ADV. Anheuser celebrated bottled beer to be had at the wine and beer saloon of John Pfautsch.

ADV. Swiss cheese at $.35 per pound, Lindenberg and $.20 per pay and; Russian salt sardells at one dollar per kegs; dried beef at $.14 per pound at A. J. Prudots.

ADV. Are you in want of furniture, mattresses, ready-made coffins! If so, call at R. H. Hasenritter's store, he always has sold and will sell you all goods in his and bottom prices.

1889 130 years ago

We are glad to learn that the school board at its last meeting recognized last meeting reconsidered the resolution reducing the salary of the teacher in class III to $50 and made it $60. The “sober second thought is always the best".

A committee having in charge the arrangements for the reception of the grand Army excursionists and sons of veterans from St. Louis on Sunday next, request us to suggest to the citizens of Hermann that they decorate their houses with flags in honor of our guest, who during the late Civil War staked their lives for the preservation of our government and the supremacy of the stars and stripes. We hope our people will act on this suggestion and display the national emblem from their residence and business places on Sunday next.

The celebration of the nation's birthday in our town was a very quiet one this year and our town was put in the shade as far as the proper celebration was concerned by its neighbors Morrison and Berger. At both those places there was a large gathering of people who showed their appreciation for our institutions by laying aside their work for a day in honor of the event which was the first step toward building up our form of government by the people, for the people.

As a well-known St. Louis fruit dealer was passing through an alley in the business portion of the city, shortly after the shades of evening had fallen, he was confronted by an enormous bull snake, which equal quickly dispatched with a hatchet he carried in his hand. The reptile measured fully 6 feet in length.

1989 30 years ago

Acting on a tip from a squirrel Hunter, Gasconade County Sheriff Robert Mathis started events that resulted in over 4500 marijuana plants being destroyed.

Nancy Fagerness, executive director of the Visitors Information Center on Market Street, has resigned her position.

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