The Rhineland hill is sporting more and more Christmas light displays. With the mild weather, we have had it made to get outside and decorate. If you get a chance, drive over in the evenings and check it out.

Rhineland was bustling with activity this past weekend. Margaret Bahr’s 90th birthday was attended by over 140 well wishers and she received over 40 cards in the mail. Margaret says even Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by before heading to The Corner to greet the children. Cake, cupcakes and drinks were enjoyed by all. 

The Corner event side was packed to welcome Santa and Mrs. Claus to a large group of adults and children alike. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived on a Rhineland Area Volunteer Fire Department truck and greeted everyone with candy canes for the adults and gifts for the children in attendance. They read “The Night Before Christmas,” and led us in Christmas carols. 

It was really nice that there was so much room for everyone to sit and enjoy the festivities. Carol Elsenraat and Leah Lerbs conducted a fund raiser for Crusade for Cancer during the event and raised over $550, and prizes were fun for everyone.  What a grand afternoon it was!

News crews were here this weekend talking to local residents about life after the move on the hill and showing what Rhineland has accomplished since the move after the 1993 flood. We are a proud community and it was nice to share our stories. 


Maxine Witte returned home after an evening with the “Wild Witte Women” and according to her report, she forgot her necklace and had to wear a cowbell instead. She did report that the “rob your neighbor” gift she brought netted one of her daughter-in-laws $500! That was cause for celebration. 


If you have Rhineland News please email me at, catch me at The Corner or stop by—would love to visit.


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