St.  Paul

On Sunday, June 2, six students received the Rite of Confirmation with Rev. Rodger Kiepe officiating at St. Paul United Church of Christ. From left, Allyson Hollrah is the daughter of Jayson and Raylene Hollrah and her sponsor is Dawn Sanderlin; Clara Scheible is the daughter of Jerry and Rhonda Scheible and her sponsor is Larry Scheible; Ben Berkemeyer is the son of Jeff and Shannon Berkemeyer and his sponsor is Brian Grannemann; Samantha Boedges is the daughter of James and Megan Boedges and her sponsor is Keely Uthlaut; Kale Bickmeyer is the son of Kurt and Janelle Bickmeyer and his sponsor Scott Jacob; Madison Dixon is the daughter of William Dixon III and Chantele Watson and her sponsor is Shannon Berkemeyer. 

Rev. Rodger Kiepe began this class in the fall of 2018 leading these students in their religious training. 

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