Linn MO – Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, State Technical College of Missouri and SkillsUSA Missouri was forced to cancel this year’s Missouri State Leadership and Skills Conference. 


“State Technical College of Missouri is extremely disappointed to hear about the cancellation of the State Leadership and Skills Conference. We agree 100% with the decision to cancel for the safety of the students, teachers, judges, and fans. The State Leadership and Skills Conference is one of the most exciting events on campus at State Tech each year. We look forward each year to hosting students competing for championships in all of the different categories,” Said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Chris Bowser.


In previous years, State Tech has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to the winners of the SkillsUSA Missouri State Leadership and Skills Conference. Since the conference could not take place this year, State Tech is offering scholarship dollars in the form of a SkillsUSA 2020 Video Scholarship Competition. 


“We are excited to offer an opportunity for all students who were registered to attend the State Leadership and Skills Conference to compete for scholarship dollars to attend State Tech for the 2020-2021 academic year,” said Bowser.


Qualified students will create a 2 minute (120 seconds) or less video that addresses three points: 1. Your personal goal for after high school. 2. What is your passion for technical education? 3. How can State Tech help you meet your goal?


The SkillsUSA 2020 Committee will select videos that best answer the three components listed above. The scholarship recipients will be announced on the State Tech website beginning on June 1, 2020. Scholarship recipients will continue to be selected until funds are depleted.


Joey Baker the State Director for SkillsUSA Missouri is excited about this opportunity for the students.


“SkillsUSA Missouri’s State Leadership & Skills Conference provides students an opportunity for student growth and development, an opportunity for students to showcase and demonstrate the skills that they’ve learned in their CTE programs, and be recognized for their achievements. While this pinnacle event traditionally recognizes our students with more than $2 million dollars in scholarships, tools, and prizes, we are extremely grateful for State Tech’s commitment to continuing to recognize our student’s achievements this year by offering our registered participants an opportunity to earn their scholarship in a new way,” said Baker.


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