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COVID-19 in Missouri and Illinois: By the numbers

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These maps and charts show the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 in Missouri and Illinois. Officials announced the first COVID-19 case in Missouri on March 7.



Note from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services: Please note, due to an abrupt change in data measures and the reporting platform issued by the White House on Monday, July 13, and effective Wednesday, July 15, Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) and the State of Missouri will be unable to access critical hospitalization data during the transition. While we are working to collect interim data, situational awareness will be limited. We will resume producing the daily hospitalization snapshot as soon as the data feeds are fully restored.

Note from St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force regarding the numbers for July 20: There was a delay in reporting some test results leading to the increase in reported hospital admissions.



Note from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services: The discrepancy in the number of deaths on July 19, 2020, was due a duplicate record being discovered by the Missouri DHSS. 





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COVID-19 Illinois: Total cases

Illinois COVID-19: Hospitalizations

COVID-19 Illinois: Rolling 7-day average

COVID-19 Illinois: New cases per day

COVID-19 Missouri: Hospitalizations

The chart below reflects all reporting hospitals in Missouri.

COVID-19 Missouri: Total cases

COVID-19 Missouri: Hospitalizations St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force

The chart below includes numbers for these hospitals in the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force: BJC HealthCare, Mercy and SSM Health hospitals and St. Luke's. Numbers include people who have tested positive or are under investigation

COVID-19 Missouri: New cases per day

COVID-19 Missouri: Rolling 7-day average

COVID-19 Missouri: Deaths per day

COVID-19 Missouri: Total deaths

COVID-19 Illinois: Deaths per day

COVID-19 Illinois: Total deaths


"Calculated" = Post-Dispatch methodology. NUMERATOR: Number of new "Lab Confirmed Cases" per day via Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard; DENOMINATOR: Number of new 'PCR Tested Individuals' per day via Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard. We record new numbers for each day and calculate the average for the past seven days.

"MO DHSS reported" =
The % as reported on the Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard. This number was first published to the dashboard on July 25, 2020. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services uses numbers from "the most recent 7-day period that we feel our data is mostly complete," according to Lisa Cox, Communications Director for the department. The data is "listed on the date that the person was actually tested, initially. Then when interviews have happened and contact tracing is done, many times we have more information provided to us for that case. If symptom onset date is a new piece of information gathered, the testing date reverts to symptom onset date. This data is always changing for this reason," according to Cox. For more information on why numbers may differ, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: No new testing data was available via Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard on July 10, 2020. We have interpolated the available data to estimate that number. Content Exchange

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