"The Ability Experience".

"Hello! We are the Journey of Hope 2022 TransAmerica team and we're a part of a non-profit organization called ,"The Ability Experience". This Summer we're traveling across the country by cycling from Seattle Washington, all the way to Washington D.C. to spread awareness and support people with disabilities. Throughout the trip, we'll be attending friendship visits where we're able to hang out and spend time with kids and adults such as having lunch, dance parties, and playing games with them. We recently rode through Hermann on Friday, July 22nd while making our way to Union city from Colombia by cycling a total of 100 miles. We had lunch at the Riverfront park during the ride to take a break for a while and it gave us some time to admire the town we were in. We're all very excited for what's to come this summer as well as the smiles we'll be bringing along and the places we'll be visiting during our Journey." 

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