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The Hermann cross-country teams traveled to Linn High School last Saturday to compete in Class 2, District 4 competition and proved they had the fastest runners on the course that day. Dalton Gleeson won the boy’s 5K run with a time of 16:49.48 and Morgan Miller won the girl’s 5K run with a time of 20:16.27.

The top 15 individuals and the top two teams from each district qualify to participate in the State Meet, so Hermann will be sending the boy's team to the Class 2 District 4 MHSAA State Championship along with three girls (Morgan Miller, Clara Scheible and Katy Menke) who qualified individually. 

The State Cross Country Championship is this Saturday, Nov. 9, at Gans Creek Cross Country Course in Columbia. The Class 2 boys race will start at 9:45 a.m. and the girls will run at 10:50 a.m., with the awards ceremonies for both girls and boys at approximately 11:15 a.m.


District Meet

Boys 5K Run

Overall, Hermann placed second in the meet with 47 points, behind winner Fatima (38 points), who placed well in the top 20 with runners crossing the finish line in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, 16th and 22nd place out of a field of 72 runners. Hermann lagged just a little behind Fatima in the top 20 with runners coming in at 1st, 3rd, 8th, 12th, 23rd, 25th and 27th place.

Fatima’s boys ran an average 5K time of 17:33.26 and Hermann’s runners averaged 17:40.82.

Father Tolton placed 3rd in the District, followed by New Haven, New Bloomfield, Russellville, North Callaway, Linn and Versailles. Runners from 14 schools competed.

In the top 10 behind Gleeson’s winning time of 16:49.48 were Carter Hemeyer placing 3rd with a time of 17:11.91 and Jake Weber in 8th place with a time of 17:36.98.


Other times:

Braydon Brown - 17:45.25

Peter Giles - 19:00.45

Josh Hagedorn - 19:08.29

Michael Giles - 19:31.43


Coach’s race comments:

“Dalton and Carter started the race as the typically do, moving their way up to the front of the race by 600m. They both ran with Dawson Woehr from Fatima through the mile where Dawson and Dalton started to put some space between themselves and Carter. Dalton would run with Dawson on his heels through 2 miles were Dalton would start to put a little separation between himself and Dawson. Over the last 800 Dalton sealed the win by pushing hard to the line. 

Carter was a bit in no man's land as he didn't have anyone to run with for the second half of the race. He stayed engaged and didn't allow the runners behind him to catch him. Jake and Brayden started out quicker then they normally do so they could be in contact with Tolton's and Fatima's pack. They were able to run a good second half of the race to put them in the top 15 to set up the team for a potential state berth. 

It takes 5 to make up a team and this year that 5 spot has been on rotation. Josh and Peter use very different race strategies, each to their own strengths, and it worked out for us at district's as they finished in a spot to advance us to the state meet.

The boys were ranked 5th in Class 2 the last time state ranking were released with Father Tolton ranked 3rd and Fatima ranked 1st. To go into the district meet and race the way they did was phenomenal.”


Girls 5K Run

The girl’s team placed third with 67 points, behind winner Fatima with 39 points and Father Tolton with 43 points. Fatima’s runners averaged 21:13.17 in the 5K and Hermann averaged 22:01.74, by comparison. From a field of 55 runners, Hermann placed in the 1st, 9th, 10th, 18th, 29th, 36th and 37th spots. 

Winner Morgan Miller’s time bested Kendall Haller’s (Fatima) second place by 32 seconds. Hermann’s Clara Scheible finished in the top 10 in 9th place with a time of 21:18.39, followed by teammate Katy Menke in 10th place with a time of 21:19.20.


Other times:

Heidi Hingst - 22:37.00

Lori Anderson - 24:37.84 

Ava Engemann - 26:02.44

Kaylyn Powers - 26:08.86


Coach’s race comments:

“Our girls got out [in front] well and put themselves into a good position early. Morgan ran in a chase pack of the leader, Kayleigh Moore, who went out very quick the first half-mile. By the time the Morgan rolled through the mile she had overtaken the leader and had begun to build a lead. She continued to roll and distance herself from the chase pack as the race progressed winning her first race ever as a district champion. 

Our other two state qualifiers, Clara and Katy, ran well from the gun, made a big surge the first mile that cost them some time later on, but ended up finishing well to advance to the state meet.

Our girls were ranked 3rd in class 2 the last time state rankings were released. The unfortunate part is that the #1 and #2 ranked teams, Fatima and Father Tolton respectively, were in our districts. We won't define their season by the circumstances that we were put in and I'm incredibly proud of the effort they put in over the summer to make their season successful.”

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