Junior Varsity boys also places first


The 41st Annual Linn Invitational was held Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Linn Athletic Complex, at Linn High School. Twenty-six area high schools brought their best to challenge one another in one of the oldest sports known to man—racing each other cross country, to see who is the fastest over long distances.

It turns out Hermann High School has some of the best teams in the region, with varsity boys and girls teams and junior varsity boys team placing first. Here’s the meet results:

5,000 meters varsity boys

Hermann placed first out of 15 teams with 47 points, followed by Osage with 86 points and New Haven with 131 points. 

After helping his varsity football team beat the St. James Tigers the night before, senior Carter Hemeyer ran an impressive 17:42.81 to capture third place, behind the winner, Caleb Distler from New Bloomfield with a time of 17:20.72. Second place went to Chase Grosvenor from Osage with a time of 17:34.44. Hermann teammate Dalton Gleeson came in fifth with a time of 17:49.31, followed by junior Jake Weber, taking the ninth spot with a time of 18:23.86 and Brayden Brown taking 14th place at 18.50.28. 

Then the finish got crowded with Hermann students Josh Hagedorn coming in 18th place (19:03.27) and the Giles brothers, Peter taking the 20 spot (19:10.18) and Michael 21st place with a time of 19:10.24. There were 124 runners in the field.


5,000 meters varsity girls

Hermann’s varsity girls team won first place with 76 points, with Centralia coming in second (86 points), with Osage right on their heels, capturing third place with 87 points. 

Out of a field of 115 runners representing 11 teams, freshman Jozelynn Bostick from Centralia took first place with a time of 20:16.54. Hermann’s Morgan Miller took sixth place with a time of 21:24.16, followed by Clara Scheible in 8th place and freshman Katy Menke in 9th place, with times of 21:52.36 and 21:53.88, respectively. 

Heidi Hingst crossed the finish line in 29th place with a time of 23:56.79. Not far behind was Lori Anderson finishing in 42nd place with a time of 24:37.73. Running to get their personal best times were Kaylyn Powers crossing the line at 71st (27:11.87) and Ava Engemann, just seconds away in 74th place, with a time of 27:19.40.

Freshmen Gracie Scott and Ariana Maddox finished the race with times of 32:58.82 and 34:27.78, respectively.


5,000 meters junior varsity boys

Five teams were represented in this race with Hermann taking it with 27 points. Wellsville-Middletown took second with 48 points and Chamois took third with 85 points. 

Coach Josh Morris has some strong runners coming up within the junior varsity ranks as evidenced by the performances last Saturday in a field of 52 runners. 

Sophomore Isaac Seabaugh from Wellsville-Middletown won the race with a time of 20:26.28, but Hermann packed the finish line with Tavis Harris coming in third, Kaleb Means fourth and Ben Berkemeyer 7th with times of 20:50.29, 21:03.56 and 21:27.11, respectively. Then there was a gap of about a minute when Morgan Engemann came in at 11th place with a time of 22:34.89, followed by Woody Heldt in 12th place (22:36.86) and Daniel Gerlof in 13th at 22:40.71. Teammate Kyle Buesking placed 18th with a time of 23:20.02, followed by sophomore Christian Means, placing 25th with a time of 24:08.38.


In the 3,200 meters junior high boys race, Hermann placed 11th out of 19 teams. The junior high girls team placed 14th out of 17 schools, but Hermann’s Amelia Uthlaut placed in the top ten with a time of 13:27.65.

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