10/29 - District Playoffs

Hermann vs New Haven

Hermann wins 25-9 and 25-6


District play started last week in the Montgomery County R-2 gymnasium. The Hermann Bearcats first opponent was the New Haven Shamrocks. The Shamrocks never really had much of a chance in the first set, with Hermann scoring five points from three kills, a block and an attack error from a New Haven player, putting the score at five-zip. 

The points started escalating at 7-2 with three kills from Grace Winkelmann and Gabriella Engemann and an attack error, making the score 11-2. The onslaught continued with four more kills and three serving aces by Winkelmann, boosting the score to 19-3, until a service error turned the ball over to New Haven, who immediately turned it back to Hermann on a service error.

New Haven settled down enough to score five more points with just a glimmer of offense, getting a kill, a serving ace and capitalizing on a couple attack errors from Hermann’s defense, but it was to no avail, Hermann coming out on top 25-9.

The second set was about the same outcome for New Haven. The Shamrocks got first blood on a kill, but Hermann answered with five consecutive points from two kills from Winkelmann, one from Malerie Schutt, an ace by Chloe Witte and a serve receive error on New Haven. 

Hermann runs the score up 14-3 until the Shamrocks get a kill. At 15-6, Hermann went to town with three kills by Witte, a serving ace from Macie Witthaus, a couple good defensive blocks and New Haven errors ended the set at 25-6.

On offense, Hermann had six aces, but serving errors held their serving percentage down to 90. The team’s hitting percentage was off the charts—30 kills from 45 attempts for a hitting percentage of .600 (.300 is excellent). Hannah Grosse remained consistent, setting the ball 24 of 27 times, with Witte and Winkelmann filling in. 

The team took only 14 receptions on defense, had six assisted blocks and a total of 19 digs, with Winkelmann and Chelsey Moeckli getting five and four, respectively.  


10/29 - Playoff for District Championship

Hermann vs Hallsville

Hermann wins 26-6 and 25-11


Hermann continued it’s consistent play of steady serving, setting and well placed kills going into the Hallsville game for the District Championship. The Indians saw three different serving styles in a hurry with aces from Chloe Witte, Hannah Grosse and Grace Winkelmann, putting the score at 6-2.

Then, the Indians had a rough time adjusting to the Bearcat offense, with three kills from Witte and one apiece from Gabriella Engemann and Grace Winkelmann and an ace from Chelsey Moeckli. The score stood at 15-3, before they could get a kill to turn the ball over. 

Hermann immediately got a kill from Engemann, followed by one from Grace Godat and an ace from Chelsey Moeckli.

The streak ended with an Indian kill putting the score at 19-5. They would score one more on a service error, but that was it—25-6, Bearcats set.

The second set proved tougher. The Indians had some defensive blocks, yielding points and Hermann had more service and attack errors, but 8-6 was the closest the score would be for the rest of the match. The Bearcats continued to rack up kills, some a few tips and they took advantage of service and attack errors, raising the score to 22-9. 

With kills from McKenna Tyree and Winkelmann, Witte iced the set with a serving ace.

Hermann had eight serving aces and four errors in 49 serves, for a 92 percent serving success rate. The team had 31 kills from 57 attacks and five errors for a hitting percentage of .456. Hannah Grosse set the ball for kill attempts 28 out of 31 times.

Defensively, the team got 18 receptions with only one error. Winkelmann and Moeckli each got seven digs in the game to keep the ball in play.


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