ARB Signs donates $200 to Crusade for Cancer

The following information was submitted to the Advertiser-Courier:


Hermann resident Kate Engemann recently contacted ARB Signs in Hermann to have shirts made for her and friends, and in the process gained some very special support.


Racheal Brinker, owner of ARB Signs, said she learned that Engemann had cancer, and offered to complete the shirts for her and to donate the proceeds back to her for medical expenses.


In lieu of the money, Engemann asked that the donation be made directly to the Hermann Crusade for Cancer. The total donation to the local organization is $200, and Engemann hopes it will help those diagnosed with breast cancer to help secure a "chemo starter kit."


When Engemann was first diagnosed with Cancer in August 2019, Suzanne Behle -- whose daughter is friends with Engemann and a Breast Cancer survivor -- gave her a basket full of medicines and products.  Suzanne also gave her a book with hints and information that would be helpful to know when beginning this Breast Cancer Journey.


Engemann has tweaked this idea and presented these books and starter kits to the local Cancer Organization here in Hermann.


“My hope is that everyone knows what this journey will look like before they begin and that they have items that can help them feel better and more aware during these challenging times,” she said.


Scott and Thuey McGarrah, owners of Hermann Family Pharmacy, will have the Chemo kits available at their store.  They have generously offered to have all the products listed, so that patients can get all the items locally.  


Hermann Crusade for Cancer provides transportation, financial assistance, and other support


for all Cancer patients in Hermann and surrounding areas.


On Sept. 14, the Hermann Crusade will host its annual Golf Tournament at Loutre Country Club to raise funds for the organization.