The Four Rivers Conference coaches recently chose players that excelled during the 2019 high school football season.

First Team Offense

Front row, from left, Sam Hurst, Andy Morrow, Ryan Barrett, Austin Hedge and Tristan Brown.

Back row, from left, Matt Bray, Peyton Burke, Derek Brandt, Trent Gleeson, Grant Hall, Derek Hulsey, Chase Mehler and Jacob Hatcher. 

First Team Defense

Front row, from left, Christophe Poinsette, Dalton Thompson, Ryan Barrett, Wes Hinson and Brendyn Strecker. 

Back Row, from left, Sam Williams, Nick Luechtefeld, Holden Ash, Brody Fredrick, Trent Gleeson, Ethan Krygiel and Evan Shetley.

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