The Owensville High School Invitational Cross Country meet was held the 13th and the Hermann team brought home honors.

As in most of the season, Hermann came out on top with the Hermann High School Men’s reaching to number two over all score in the race. The men’s team senior star, Dalton Gleeson, won the 5,000 Meter race with a time of 16:59.39. Austin Terry with 18:22.53 came in 10th and right behind him came Brayden Brown with 18:39.36. Senior Michael Giles came in with 19:20.29. Tavis Harris came home with 19:26.62 with Peter Giles behind him at 19:39.86. Kaleb Means with 19:44.92 came is 31st out of 85 runners. 

Men’s Junior Varsity hit places 1, 2 and 3 in the 5,000 meter race. Coming in first with an impressive 19:53.17 was Jackson Poehlman. Coming in 2nd and 3rd place were Trigg Lindahl 20:05.85 and Charles Schutt 20:15.53. All top three winners of the race are freshman and it will be interesting to see what these three athletes will bring in coming years.

Following the top three in 8th  place was Woodrow Heldt with 21:07.08 and at        12th Ben Berkemeyer at 21:47.66.  Ayden Elder came in with 22:25.58, Christian Means with 23:09.29 and Aidan Heaney with 25:03.37. Finishing up for the Bearcats were Dalton Rehmert with 25:36.32, Hunter Foree with 26:25.60  and Sebastian Means with 28:58.86.

The Woman’s Cross Country team came in first in Owensville. Morgan Miller was the first Bearcat to cross the line with 21:33.16. Sixth place was filled by Katy Menke with a time of 21:42.34 and followed by Clara Scheible in the number 8 spot with 22:14.88. Heigi Hingst came in 14th with a time of 22:48.14.Other women’s Bearcats to contribute to the first place win were Kaylyn Powers with 25:35.36, Ava Engemann at 25:35.36, Lori Anderson 26:26.32 and Ariana Maddox with 32:15.13.

The Four Rivers Conference meet was held Tuesday in New Haven. Details will be in next week’s paper.