Track, a team of winners.

Track, a team of winners.

There was wonderful weather at the Linn Invitational track meet held last week. Not only was the sun shining but Hermann athletes were as well.

Two of the most incredible events of the day were when two high school records were broken. As Austin Terry high jumped 190cm, he beat the previous record of 187cm held by Joe Gillig. On that same day, Dalton Gleeson raced the 3200 Meter Race in 9.36 which broke the 47 year old record of 9.58 set by Dennis Baumstark in 1974.

Besides these exciting events there were many first places garnered by the Bearcats. Megan Gerloff came in 1st on the triple jump as her long legs took her forward. Kaylyn Powers won the Discus competition. While some worried Kaylyn had lost strength with her slim down, that wasn’t the case as she also came in 2nd in the Shot Put. Another 1st place win went to Grace Godat as she floated around the track like a butterfly to beat competitors in the 400 Meter Dash. She was followed by Shelby Shutt with a respectable 9th place finish.

Other first place runs where made by Morgan Miller in the 800 Meter Run with Heidi Hingst right behind her in second. In the 3200 Meter Run a joyful 1st place Katy Menke was followed by classmate and friend 2nd place Amelia Uthlaut. This is a duo to keep an eye on.

Emotions ran high as records were broken and victories won. The crowd of runners often questioned if Gleeson and Terry would graduate this year or if they would have to compete against them another year. And while there are several seniors in this year’s team, there are younger runners waiting to follow in their footsteps. In fact, some already have. Katy Menke is just a sophomore. Amelia Uthlaut and Paige Schulte are only freshman. Go Bearcats Go. Below is a list of Hermann participants.

Boys 100 Meter Dash Finals 6th place Tavis Harris 11th Skylar Sutton

Boys 200 Meter Dash Finals 7th Conner Coffey 9th Tyler Hartman,

Boys 400 Meter Dash Finals 4th Nicholas Waechter 7th Jackson Chasteen

Boys 800 Meter Run Finals 4th Michael Giles,5th  Peter Giles

Boys 1600 Meter Run Finals 1st Dalton Gleeson S 4th  Austin Terry

Boys 3200 Meter Run Finals 1st (school record)Dalton Gleeson    9th  Jackson Poehlman

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles Finals 11th Tavis Harris

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles Finals Tavis Harris

Boys 4x200 Meter Relay Finals 3rd place Hermann High

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay Finals 1st place Hermann High

Boys High Jump Finals 1st  (new school record) Austin Terry with 6-02.75

Boys Long Jump Finals 7 Nicholas Waechter 23rd Tyler Hartman

Boys Pole Vault Finals 10 Paeton Cooper-Roach, 11th Nicholas Brune

Boys Discus Finals 8th Schuler Erickson 12th Skylar Sutton

Boys Javelin Finals 6th Skylar Sutton 12th Xavier Woldanski

Boys Shot Put 4th  Bryce Williams 7th Gavin Hackmann

Girls 100 Meter Dash Finals 4th Madison Dixon,6th Alaina Worland

Girls 200 Meter Dash Finals 2nd Grace Godat 6th  Madison Dixon

Girls 400 Meter Dash Finals 1st Grace Godat 9th  Shelby Schutt

Girls 800 Meter Run Finals 4th Morgan Miller 6th  Heidi Hingst

Girls 1600 Meter Run Finals 1st Morgan Miller 2nd Heidi Hingst

Girls 3200 Meter Run Finals 1st Katy Menke 2nd Amelia Uthlaut

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Finals 11th Hadley Oden

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Finals 5th  Paige Schulte 11th Reese Groner

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Finals 6th  Hermann High School

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay Finals 2nd Hermann High School

Girls High Jump Finals 12th place  Abigail Terry

Girls Long Jump Finals 3rd Megan Gerloff 9th Alaina Worland

Girls Triple Jump Finals 1st Megan Gerloff 4th Alaina Worland

Girls Discus Finals 1st Kaylyn Powers 17th Jillian Powers

Girls Javelin Finals 13th Tirzah Dodorico 16th Jillian Powers

Girls Shot Put Finals 2nd Kaylyn Powers 13th Cheyenne Elder