10/21 Hermann vs Borgia

The Bearcat volleyball team traveled to St. Francis Borgia in Washington last week to go to the net and revenge a loss the team took earlier this month. That competitive meet-up took three sets to determine the outcome, but the girls in blue and white only had to go two sets to get their revenge, winning 25-18 and 25-20. 

Teams don’t normally score six aces on Borgia, like Hermann did in this game, with Grace Godat scoring four of them. Two of those came early during a serving streak in the first game when it was tied 7-7. Godat’s serving and team play jumped the score to 13-7. Borgia attempted to play catchup the rest of the game.

Another crucial part of the game occured when the score stood at 22-17. Grace Winkelmann slammed two kills to make it 24-17 and nailed another one to win the match 25-18.

In the second set, the score remained close, back and forth, until a little over mid-way when Borgia got an attack error, siding out to Hermann with a score of 15-16, Borgia. Chloe Witte got a kill to tie the set at 16-16. A net error and a serving ace put the score at 18-16. Borgia got a kill (18-17), Gabriella Engemann got a kill and another Borgia error at the net pushed the score 20-17, a score Borgia chased to the end, losing 25-20. 

The Hermann Bearcats had a serving percentage of 93.9, but more impressive was a .333 hitting percentage against a tough team. The team had 21 kills on 54 attacks with three errors. Grace Winkelmann had a 52.4 percent kill rate—11 kills from 21 attempts. The other power hitter, Chloe Witte, acheived six kills from 13 attempts. Hannah Grosse assisted with consistent ball handling with 18 sets for the kill-makers, to explain the accuracy.

On defense, Winkelmann took 17 receptions and Chloe Witte took 9 to keep the ball in play. Witte also had five digs from the wrath of outside power-hitter Knight Ella Brinkmann. Winkelmann and Godat each had four digs of the total 21 taken in the two matches. Grace Godat had one block and two assists of the six total assists. 


10/22 Hermann vs Owensville

This was simply a cat and mouse game and it allowed the Bearcats to work on several plays that may not have been in the lineup earlier in the season, as they prepare for district playoffs. They showed no mercy at the net and the offense was brutal, as they easily won both sets 25-6 and 25-9. 

Hermann had possibly a new ace record for the year with seven and two errors, with a serving percentage of 95.9. 

Chloe Witte had four aces, with three of those coming at the end of the second set when the score was 21-8. Grace Winkelmann, Hannah Grosse and Macie Witthaus also got a serving ace apiece.

The kill rate was almost 60 percent, with 43 attacks and 25 kills with three errors. Grace Winkelmann had an incredible .667 hitting percentage with a withering 11 kills on 15 attacks. Gabriella Engemann had six kills from seven attacks and Chloe Witte had four kills from seven attacks. The team hitting percentage was a very high .512. Hannah Grosse assisted on those kills 23 times during both sets. 

Since both sets were unbalanced offensive strikes by Hermann, the team only had 15 receptions and 21 digs. Winkelmann had six of those, while Grosse, Moeckli and Witte each had four.

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