Last week, the Hermann High School gymnasium floor received some wear as Hermann hosted seven regional varsity girl’s volleyball teams. In pool play, the first two games, Hermann was matched against Montgomery County R-2 the first game, winning 25-10 and 25-9 and  Washington in the second, winning both matches 25-16 and 25-13. The Bearcats played these games like a warmup for the team they knew they would be facing in advanced play—Borgia. 


Pool Play

Hermann vs Montgomery County

Serving aces is a pretty good indicator on how the game will go and Hermann served up six in this game with Chelsey Moeckli placing three, Chloe Witte two and Macie Witthaus with one. There were three errors, but the serving percentage was still a respectable 93.8 percent. The girls attacked 49 times for 27 kills for a hitting percentage of a solid .449. Grace Winkelmann and Witte shared 9 apiece. Hannah Grosse stayed consistent for setting up the kills with 23 of the 26 sets in the game.

Defensively, the girls had 17 receptions with Winkelmann taking seven and Witte six. Winkelmann also had nine digs of the team’s 23.


Hermann vs Washington

Hannah Grosse had two serving aces and the team’s serving percentage was 95.8 for the game. The attack team led by Grace Winkelmann (34) had 84 total attacks and 32 kills (19 for Winkelmann) for a hitting percentage of .274. Hannah Grosse set the ball 24 of 27 times for the attacks by Winkelmann, Gabriella Engemann (18),  Malerie Schutt (12) and Chloe Witte (10). This group had the bulk of the 38 percent kill percentage.

On defense, Witte had 10 receptions and Winkelmann eight, for the total 27 receptions. Witte and Engemann each had a block and the team had a total of 40 digs with Winkelmann taking 10, Witte eight, Chelsey Moeckli with seven and Macie Witthaus with six.



Hermann vs Pacific

This semi-final matchup was almost an afterthought with the Bearcats winning 25-10 and 25-12, with eyes already looking at a Borgia matchup. There were three aces in the game with a serving percentage of 95.9 percent on only two errors. Grace Winkelmann and Malerie Schutt led the attack game with 22 and 10, respectively. Winkelmann had 11 kills and Gabriella Engemann had five. The hitting percentage for the team was another solid .404 stat. Hannah Grosse had 19 sets for the attacks.

Defensively, it was a wash for the Bearcats taking in 20 receptions with only two errors. Chloe Witte and Chelsey Moeckli had six and five digs respectively out of the 22 for the game. On to the Championship.


Championship Game

This was an exciting matchup, as Borgia always is with the Bearcats. Hermann played well, but in the end were overpowered by some experienced Borgia players. Hermann lost in three matches, 27-25, 26-28 and 18-25.



Ella Brinkmann powered her punishing kills that Hermann could receive, but Brinkmann’s accuracy put the ball more often than not in no-man’s-land. Borgia’s blocking from Abby Lynn, Lily Brown, Kaitlyn Patke and Gabby Mattli was intense and like a brick wall against many of Grace Winkelmann’s and Chloe Witte’s attacks. Hermann adjusted by playing more of a tipping game, which requires not only finesse, but reading the player’s positions well. This is something the Bearcats are learning to do well, since the beginning of the season and they had some success with it. 

The team had eight aces, three each for Hannah Grosse and Chloe Witte, but there were five serving errors. Still, the serving percentage was 93. In three matches, the team put together 117 attacks, with Winkelmann leveling 43 of those, followed by 29 from Witte. Winkelmann had 16 kills, but Borgia’s defense was unforgiving. Hermann managed 32 kills, but the hitting percentage was way below their usual—hitting just .162 percent. Hannah Grosse played a part in the solid sets for kills for the play strategy that was challenged during the game. She set 30 times for the attack team, that eventually changed to the tipping game when spikes were ineffective against relentless blocking.

On defense, the girls had 63 receptions, 34 from Winklemann and 18 from Witte. Winkelmann and Chelsey Moeckli had 10 digs apiece. 

This was great volleyball play and Hermann secured second place to fight another day.


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