Kahlee Kohlbusch, daughter of Brad and Amy Kohlbusch was recently crowned 2019 National American Miss MO. Teen Cover Girl. She received her crown, banner and trophy, as well as an invitation to compete at the National Pageant held during Thanksgiving Week in Anaheim, CA. At the pageant, she … Read more

Hermann Cadette Girl Scout Troop # 30657 attended “The Magic of Chemistry” event at Mizzou on March 2. The girls conducted fun experiments learning about prisms and the color of light, chromatography with M&Ms and Skittles, learning about luminescence by making glow in the dark slime, ty… Read more

After the shootings last weekend, I am proud to live where I live. In this area we have people who are “crazy” about guns, “crazy” about their politics, ”crazy” about their dislike for people or things but good golly, no one here is “crazy, ‘shoot up the community’ crazy”. Read more