Five members of the Caboose Committee met last week to make plans for the summer, concerning the exterior renovation of Caboose 13538. This includes additional fundraising to reach their $6000 goal to protect the caboose from encroaching rust, but the group wants to showcase this gift to the… Read more

Hermann Cadette Girl Scout Troop # 30657 attended “The Magic of Chemistry” event at Mizzou on March 2. The girls conducted fun experiments learning about prisms and the color of light, chromatography with M&Ms and Skittles, learning about luminescence by making glow in the dark slime, ty… Read more

I visited with a gentleman I met at First Friday about content in the Advertiser-Courier. We always welcome constructive input that will make our paper better. In this case, he wondered why we did not have any timely coverage about the remembrance of D-Day in lieu of sports pages. I explaine… Read more