The Hermann Advertiser-Courier received the City of Hermann Budget for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year, prepared for last week’s Board of Alderman meeting. Under the direction of Hermann Mayor Robert Koerber, it was compiled by City Clerk Patricia Heaney, City Administrator Mark Wallace and with H… Read more

Hermann Cadette Girl Scout Troop # 30657 attended “The Magic of Chemistry” event at Mizzou on March 2. The girls conducted fun experiments learning about prisms and the color of light, chromatography with M&Ms and Skittles, learning about luminescence by making glow in the dark slime, ty… Read more

Look above. What do you see? It’s a different version of Cathi. I have let me hair grow into the natural color its meant to be at 57 years, 4 kids, two grandkids and 12 years at the paper. It has been a struggle growing it out but its close enough to call it complete. Since I’ve been letting… Read more